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GRC Certifications for the GRC Professional

For one simple fee of $399 you'll have access to BOTH certifications that reinforce each other

GRC Professional Badge

GRC Professional Certification

The GRC Professional (GRCP) certification demonstrates that you understand and can apply GRC

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GRC Audit Badge

GRC Audit Certification

The GRC Audit (GRCA) certification builds on GRCP and demonstrates that you can audit GRC

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GRC Certifications help your career

GRC Certifications help you improve across all GRC disciplines by filling gaps in your education or experience.

How certification helps: Governance Risk Audit Compliance Ethics Technology
GRCP Certification Levels Up Your Governance Skills GRCP Certification Levels Up Your Risk Skills GRCP Certification Levels Up Your Audit Skills GRCP Certification Levels Up Your Compliance Skills GRCP Certification Levels Up Your Ethics Skills GRCP Certification Levels Up Your IT Skills

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Here's what the $399 includes

  • All preparation materials you need to get your GRC certifications
  • The online GRC exam (including unlimited retakes if required)
  • All CPE credits for maintaining your GRC certifications

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GRC Professionals are everywhere

We have over 120,000 members on 6 continents in 180+ countries and 3,600+ cities.

“I’d encourage any employer with openings in compliance, risk, audit, and other GRC roles to look for the GRCP or GRCA on the resumes they review.” J. Kelly
“GRCP Certification gave me the ability to understand and communicate areas of GRC where I am not experienced.” L. Harrington
“GRCP helped me when I applied for a new job” S. Craig
“Having the ability and vision to interlink the governance, risk and compliance roles all together to achieve any organization's objectives, is just brilliant!” B. Al Eche
“If you desire to showcase true Principled Performance that utilizes and integrates GRC principles and processes, this is for you!” S. White
“I already hold several other credentials from renown institutes, yet I feel that the GRCP has given me an edge over peers.” R. El Khatib

Our Certification Philosophy

We believe that...

Certification should be part of the learning process. Certification should help reinforce understanding and not just be a point in time proof of memorized knowledge.

Certification process and GRC exam should reflect modern reality. You use Google and online resources every day in your job. You should be able to use these resources as you learn. You should even be able to use these resources when you take the exam.

Certification process and GRC exam should be straightforward and available online so that you can access it anywhere, anytime.