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GRC Professional Certification – GRCP

The GRC Professional (GRCP) certification demonstrates that you have the
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GRCP - GRC Professional Certification

What Is The GRC Professional Certification?

GRCP certification ensures that an individual has the core understanding of GRC processes and capabilities, and the skills to integrate governance, performance management, risk management, internal control, and compliance activities.

The GRCP certification gives assurance that the GRC Professional has core knowledge, skills and understanding of managing and advising on risk, internal controls, key compliance matters and functions compliance, and how these must be integrated for effective and appropriate governance.

Every risk, compliance, internal audit and IT professional should aspire to earn the GRCP certification.

Designed For Every GRC Professional

“A GRCP Professional is someone who spends substantial time helping an organization achieve principled performance by leading, planning, performing, enabling, integrating or auditing governance, strategy, performance management, risk management, internal control, compliance or ethics activities”
- from OCEG GRC Capability Model (Red Book)

Are you a brand new GRC Professional?

Getting a GRCP is the perfect way to start your career by understanding the big picture of GRC disciplines like strategy, risk, compliance, audit and how to integrate these disciplines most effectively through technology.

For example, as a GRC Professional you will have to interact with all of the other GRC disciplines. GRCP helps you understand your peers in other departments, how they think, what they need to be successful. And, with GRCP you open up more options in your career as you move forward.

Are you an experienced GRC Professional?

Getting a GRCP is the perfect way to enhance an existing certifications or to upgrade your skills in areas where you lack experience so that you can do even better work across all GRC disciplines.

For example, as a GRC Professional you may already have a certification from one of the many professional associations. However, most of these associations focus on a particular discipline (compliance, risk, internal control, security, etc.). GRCP helps to make you more well-rounded.

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What Does The GRC Professional Certification Cover?

The GRCP certification exam covers both awareness (definitions, terms, and lists) and application of concepts and knowledge of the GRC Capability Model.


Principles, outcomes and key terms Prove that you know how to communicate across disciplines using a common and unambiguous language.


Core components, practices and activities Demonstrate understanding of the 4 components and 20 elements that comprise the GRC Capability model.


Relationship of GRC to disciplines Discuss how GRC incorporates the governance, management and audit of strategy, performance, risk and compliance.

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