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GRC Audit Certification – GRCA

The GRC Audit (GRCA) certification ensures that you understand and are able to audit GRC activities. You must have a GRC Professional (GRCP) certification before you can apply for a GRCA certification.

GRCP - GRC Professional Certification

What Is The GRC Audit Certification?

The GRCA certifies that an individual has the core understanding and skills to assess, evaluate, and audit GRC capabilities.

This certification is perfect for any professional who wants to review and provide assurance to management and the board that the GRC capability, or some subset of capabilities are designed and operating effectively.

The GRCA builds on top of the GRCP Certification.

How do I get a GRC Audit Certification?

The GRCA does not require an additional examination

  1. 1

    Hold a GRCP

    To qualify for a GRCA, you must understand and be able to apply the fundamental principles of GRC. Thus, the first step is to pass and hold an active GRCP Certification

  2. 2

    Complete GRCA training

    You must complete a training course to develop or hone your auditing skills as they apply to GRC. The type of training required depends on your current experience and qualifications.

    PATH 1 - Professional Auditors

    Hone existing skills to audit GRC

    If you are an experienced auditor who already has a qualifying audit certification or license then you must attend our online GRC Audit Video series.

    This course is included in your All Access Pass.

    The course teaches you how to apply your existing knowledge to specifically audit GRC activities; and teaches you how to use our GRC Assessment Tools.

    Currently, we accept the following credentials as evidence that you understand the principles of auditing: CPA, CIA, ACCA, CA, CISA, ISO Lead Auditor.

    Just ask if you have questions about your existing credentials

    PATH 2 - Other Professionals

    Develop new skills and apply to GRC

    If you do not have a qualifying audit certification, then you must attend our GRC Audit Seminar which teaches the fundamentals of auditing.

    This seminar is not included in your All Access Pass and is available from one of our training partners.

    The GRC Audit Seminar teaches the basics of auditing AND how to apply these skills to auditing GRC activities.

  3. 3

    Submit GRCA Application

    After completing all required training, submit an application to provide evidence that you meet the requirements to be awarded GRCA.

    To be clear, these requirements include:

    • Hold a GRCP
    • Complete training based on your prior audit experience and credentials

    Your application will be reviewed and GRCA will be awarded within a few days if you meet the requirements.

  4. 4

    Maintain your GRCA certification

    Be sure to fulfill all requirements to maintain your GRCP & GRCA certifications including an active membership and continuing education.

    There is just a single set of requirements to maintain BOTH certifications.

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